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Investing in innovative cannabis companies since ’15

MMJ Venture Capital partners with passionate entrepreneurs and startups to build enduring, era-defining companies.

We offer Cannabis Investment Platforms & Tools for entrepreneurs looking to invest in the Canadian marijuana industry.

Our funded startup’s dominate their niche markets within the Cannabis & Hemp Industry with the help of our platforms.

We comb through Business proposals in order to find Gems.

We discover quality startups worthy of being in the cannabis investor spotlight.


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Cannabis Venture Capital Firm

MMJ Venture Capital provided us the platform, tools, capital and expertise we needed to launch Cannabisco to reach our national audience.


Idea, Fuel, Innovate.

MMJ Venture Capital provides a platform for Entrepreneurs in the Cannabis & Hemp industry. We partner Startups, VC’s & Angels to help fuel the Canadian Green Rush in alternative investments.

In 2016, Cannabis will be legalized across Canada which will cause an industry surge expected to reach 1.2 billion in annual revenue by 2020.

it’s estimated that 7.5 million Canadians above the age of 19+ have used cannabis in their lifetime.

The legal cannabis industry will be one of the largest emerging markets over the next 15 years.

Cannabis venture capital firms will play a major part in promoting growth & innovation within the industry.

Cannabis Analytics Startups

  • MMJ Analytics
  • Terpene Analytics
  • Dispensary Analytics
  • Licensed producer Analytics
  • Supply Chain Data
  • ERP & CRM Systems and data managment

Cannabis Dispensary Related Startups

  • Home Delivery
  • MMJ Packaging
  • Marijuana Pre-rolls
  • Cannabis Cigars
  • Vaporizers
  • Glass

MMJ & Hemp Apps

  • Track Plant Growth Stats App
  • Cannabis Dispensary tracker App
  • Cannabis Stock trading simulator
  • Cannabis Games
  • Cannabis Ebooks

MMJ Enterprise Services

  • Cannabis Industry Accountants
  • Online Grow Tech Support
  • Marketing Services
  • Trimming Companies
  • Lab Analysis Services
  • Cannabis Company Legal Services


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